Thursday, August 6, 2009

VBTA To The RPVB Again

At Saturday morning's Republican Party of Virginia Beach (RPVB) Breakfast, the scheduled Program is one of Reid Greenmun's conspiracy-filled rants against light rail. This follows Beth Allen speaking about a month ago on her hit piece against Town Center.

First, both Allen's "White Paper" on Town Center and Greenmun's May Presentation to the VBTA on light rail have been factually refuted. They were full of inaccuracies.

Second, why is the RPVB letting itself be duped? This is the same game the VBTA used to try to play with the CCO: having zero credibility itself, the VBTA will try to get on the agenda of a second group with credibility to push it's extremist agenda. The CCO caught on to how the VBTA was trying to use it and cut off VBTA Presentations. The RPVB would be well-advised to do the same.

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Anonymous said...

The RPVB loses massive credibility when they do this sort of thing. Not the thing to do when you are trying to take back the governor's mansion and two local house seats.