Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Transit Notes August 12, 2009

A couple things after riding the buses of Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) today:

1. This morning I saw Bus 532 being used on Route 20. It was the Outbound 20, arriving at Pembroke East at 7:15 A.M.

For the 98% of you unfamiliar with HRT's vehicle numbering system, Bus 532 is a rolling museum piece from the Peninsula fleet. With the "Hampton Residential Service" (read: school buses) recently discontinued, is HRT sending antiques from Victoria Boulevard to serve as spares on the Southside?

Michael Ragsdale of HR Transit Ideas spotted Bus 531 on Route 12 this afternoon.

2. How many of my fellow bus riders pay that much attention to which route schedules are stocked on the buses? Am I the only one who has noticed the plethora of Portsmouth schedules on board this Summer?


Michael Ragsdale said...

Next TRAC meeting:

Please tell Victoria we don't want these pieces of sh*t

Also, according to the driver on the other #12, the 500 series Gillig Phantoms DO NOT HAVE A/C

Sean Johnson-Maven said...

I was thinking about the ending of the school bus routes being the reason that the Phantoms are being used more, since before June, the Phantoms were barely used on the 105, but now since mid-June, there have only been like 7 or 8 days where there hasn't been a Phantom on the route.