Thursday, August 6, 2009

RAC August 6, 2009

The August meeting of Virginia Beach's Resort Advisory Commission (RAC) was held this afternoon.

There was a Presentation on JT's Grommet Park by Bruce Thompson and Billy Almond. The park would be a wheelchair-capable playground on the beach at Rudee Loop. The RAC endorsed the project in concept unanimously (who was going to vote "No"?!?), and it now goes to two committees (PDRC and TPPC) to iron out the details. The park's components would be portable so it could be moved - if necessary - for future Rudee Loop redevelopment. Please note, VBTA: the park's construction would be funded through private donations, not tax dollars.

The Plan/Design Review Committee (PDRC) covered two projects of note. First, Phase I of the Laskin Gateway will begin on September 10. Constant updates on the project will be posted at Second, the Wendy's at Pacific Avenue and 22nd Street (haven't most locals been there?) is looking to do a major renovation. The PDRC was pleased with the building plan, but requested an improved landscaping plan.

The Gift Of Tourism website has been upgraded. First, there is now a "Contact Us" function available for you to send in your questions and comments on Virginia Beach Tourism. Second, updated economic impact information (from ODU's Report on the 2008 season) is included.

Finally, approval was given for the proposed pilot program of an outdoor ice skating rink in the 31st Street Park from Thanksgiving to February 28. As the planned Dome site entertainment venue would have an indoor ice skating rink, the 31st Street rink will probably be only an interim amenity until that facility opens.

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