Friday, August 15, 2008

Virginia Beach Green Designation Ceremony

Friday afternoon at the convention center there was a Ceremony to mark Virginia Beach's designation as the first green destination in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Speakers were Governor Tim Kaine, Mayor Meyera Oberndorf, and Delegate Joe Bouchard.

The 20 minute ceremony focused on the Presentation of a plaque to the City with HJ 6078, Delegate Bouchard's Resolution from the Transportation Special Session.

Virginia Beach has now opened a portal to try to draw eco-friendly tourists

A couple interesting sidebars today. One was that when someone came in wearing a Sessoms for Mayor t-shirt, there was a highly negative reaction in the rear of the room. That was from Resort Area business people, whose businesses Sessoms directed tens of millions of dollars to as Vice Mayor.

The other sidebar? Come back late Monday evening, as it should be ready to go by then.


Anonymous said...

Virginia Beach calls itself Green, yet it's impossible to ditch the car?

I wish buses ran at night and on weekends (I live off of Princess Anne near Green Meadows)

Michael Ragsdale said...

I have a plan in the works to boost bus service to meet (or exceed) minimum FTA requirements to talk about light rail. Long story short: in order to talk to the Federal Government about getting light rail, Virginia Beach must boost its year-round bus service by at least 20%. This does include Route 25 having daily service with trips out of TCC from 5:53 AM to 10:53 PM (inclusive).

When it comes to the 25, I'm just as screwed because my best friend lives along the 25 not too far from Newtown (but just out of walking distance for the 20)

Anonymous said...

It's time to abolish this waste of taxpayer dollars. Mr. Greenmun is right: HRT should be abolished

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 10:36,

Michael is right. Be patient, evening service is coming.

VBTA Troll,

If we abolished HRT, we'd lose all our Federal highway dollars. I bet Green Reednut doesn't tell you that part at VBTA breakfasts, does he?

Abolish Reid Greenmun & the VBTA, not HRT.

thesh00ter said...
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thesh00ter said...

i just want to thank u Mr Ryto and Mr Ragsdale for all of ur hard work.