Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tatoo This On Your Forehead

It's finally going to happen: Virginia Beach will have a public meeting on mass transit policy to solicit citizen input. Today's City Page reports that it will be Tuesday, September 16 from 7-9 P.M. at the convention center.

The meeting will be hard-pressed to beat the story behind it. First it was going to be early this year, then after the Budget, and now September. First it was going to be 4 town hall meetings, then 2, and now an open house. The really fun part: who pays how much for what?

Regardless, be sure to come. You bet it's on my calendar!


thesh00ter said...

sweet. i can't wait to hear more from HRT about the NN study also. it may be sooner then i think cuz Townes said in his CEO report that it's 97% complete. so that's looking on the up and up. I really want light rail to come. there's a whole lotta hatin' goin on in HR. Especially here in Hampton. maybe light rail will attract good businesses to develop along the alignment. Cuz Hampton isn't doing a thing to get jobs here. they'd rather build a million residential units then office space. it's sad

Michael Ragsdale said...

And I notice that it's AFTER buses are done for the night...interesting.