Thursday, August 7, 2008

RAC August 7, 2008

Virginia Beach's Resort Advisory Commission (RAC) met this afternoon at 3 P.M. for about an hour.

A concern was that ridership of the VB Wave service on Atlantic Avenue was down 30% in June over 2007. There are a number of possible factors: tourists numbers were down, the ticket selling matrix has been changed, the new hybrid buses have been brought online, etc. Commissioner John Malbon urged that a survey be done before the end of the season to determine what is happening.

There has been a delay in getting the Resort Area Strategic Action Plan to the Planning Commission. Originally scheduled for August, it's now slated for September.

The Oceanfront Enhancement Committee (OEC) has recommendations on controlling behavior problems that are spilling over into adjacent neighborhoods. They will be presented at the September RAC meeting.

The meeting ended on a discussion about Bobby Melatti's departure from Live Nation. There are still four major events this year; can Live Nation pull them off without Bobby? Live Nation's contract with the city requires three full-time employees; who is the new third? The contract has a single one year option left; without it, the contract expires January 31.

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