Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Delegate "John Bouchard"

Arriving back home last night, I had one phone message. It was a robocall from Americans for Prosperity.

They were attacking my Delegate, "John Bouchard", for voting to increase taxes for Transportation during the recent General Assembly special session. The caller wanted me to contact Bouchard's office in protest.

Uh...if you're going to do such calls, at least get Joe Bouchard's name right. You know how many 83rd District voters are now laughing at Americans for Prosperity? Though you might want to join the fun.


thesh00ter said...

you know what i find funny, is that Charlotte (one city) was able to do a 1.5 cent sales tax increase and able to come up with every last bit of money for the LYNX (correct me if i'm wrong) But 2 regions can't get together (NoVA and HR) and do the same if not something similar so there can be possibly a multi regional light rail system (eventually). now i know Charlotte has 2 pro sports teams and other means of high economy but come on, what's the deal? between Nova and HR there's literally billions a year. it boggles the mind my friend. now that Mr Greenum is a "choo choo going nowhere".

thesh00ter said...

sorry spelled ur name wrong