Friday, August 8, 2008

Ocean Center

Sometimes Virginia Beach politics want to make you barf. I'm glad I hadn't eaten prior to reading this morning's Virginian-Pravda. Developers have proposed "Ocean Center", a "Town Center-style" mixed-use development near the Oceanfront.

First of all, yesterday the Resort Advisory Commission (RAC) was told there had been no major changes to the Resort Area Strategic Action Plan since the public meetings, and that it would now be going to the Planning Commission in September. The article reports that the proposal has already been put into the SAP.

Second, during the Charettes, I had tried to get the Colony Trailer Park property tagged for workforce housing for Resort Area workers. The Planning Department said "No", pointing out the property falls within the 70 decibel line for Oceana. Therefore, what Sessoms is proposing is also in violation of the City's commitment to the Navy.

This needs to come out of the SAP!

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thesh00ter said...

when are they going to have the concept art?