Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Peninsula Institute For Community Health (PICH) Dental Clinic

For those uninsured in Virginia Beach, they've been able to go to the Beach Clinic (on Holland Road) for medical treatment.

However, where do you go for dental treatment? There's a low-income dental clinic in Norfolk...but it only serves Norfolk residents. There's a tooth extraction clinic in Chesapeake...but they won't take you if you have any health insurance, even if it doesn't cover dental. (Say what?)

I found a great place to go: the PICH Dental Clinic, at 1033 28th Street in Newport News. Payment is based on income, with a three-tier sliding scale. (Before Reid starts ranting about "freeloaders", I'm paying the top tier.) Book ASAP, as I had nearly a three month wait to get in as a first time patient. For those using Hampton Roads Transit (HRT), it's served by both Routes 101 and 104.

The newly opened office in Suffolk also has dental facilities. Their website is at http://www.pich.org

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