Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reid Greenmun: The Song

I've long wanted to write a song lampooning Reid Greenmun and the ideology he cofounded, Messnerism-Greenmunism. I played with quite a few tunes, but couldn't make the lyrics fit.

About 11 days ago I was listening to Carly Simon's You're So Vain and the chorus hit me. The last couple days I've been working on it:

You believe everything is a conspiracy in Hampton Roads
The VBTA joins you with other kooks
Intellectual as toads
We're in the 21st Century but you live in the past
Your model is from the 12th Century
And "Leave It To Beaver"

Reid Greenmun, Barbara Messner's ideological twin
Reid Greenmun, you realize we all know you're a nutcase
Don't you? Don't you?

Splintered the 31st Street Park movement along with Barbara
Tried to use the CCO for extremism
Left it as a pariah
Down to your last strike you've hitched your wagon to the VBTA
That group will be a spent farce by Thanksgiving
You'll be finished with them

Deluded yourself into believing Council
Would about-face on taxes
You still believe Council will go to the far right because that's what Reid wants
Paranoid about TOD conspiracies
Can't accept that light rail is coming here
You live in a world that is long gone
Angry at the present
Nothing left but to play with your Messner blowup doll
Your Messner blowup doll


Anonymous said...

Henry: Quick advice for you.

If you roll in the mud with the pigs, you are bound to get dirty. I suggest you ignore Reid. Most other folks do...

Avenging Archangel said...

I realize most try to ignore.

However, I've discovered something: the Deaniacs are so used to being ignored, when you fire back at them, they have little idea what to do.

Fighting someone who has little idea how to fight is so easy....

Anonymous said...

William - you are calling me a pig now?

I will remember that.


Henry, - I am glad the world in your mind is so rosy for you.


Avenging Archangel said...

If only Reid was a pig: we could then butcher him and get something useful.

I don't believe everything is rosy; I just know the tide of history is on the side of grassroots urbanists.

Anonymous said...

Reid: I suggest you tell me if I called you a pig or not. Honestly it is an old saying my father used to tell me when I started to line up and attack folks who's views I didn't agree with. It reminds me not to engage every person who I do not agree with. Pick your battles and ignore the ones that are not worth the fight.

My father was a very wise man and I listened carefully to his words.

He also used to tell me "if the shoe fits, then wear it." I don't know if the pig shoe fits you, but only you can choose to try it on to see. :-) It's your call...

Anonymous said...

William, your remarks in this thread have revealed to me a side to you that I was unaware of. It has changed my opinion of you.

You no longer deserve any civility from me.

That was your choice - and I write this with no smily face. I am quite serious. Until these remarks I used to consider you in the 'friend' column, but no more.

While we have disagreed on issues, I felt you and I could disagree with civility and some mutual respect.

Unlike henry who has shown he is a slug and cannot act in a civil manner. Henry has earned his scorn.

William I expect a lot more from you then I expect from someone like the vile Henry Ryto and his equally vile followers. I hold you to a higher standard because you have generally acted with a more civil and respectful tone to your public comments.

I too have a very wise father. They are a blessing. He taught me that you treat everyone respectfully until the give you a reason not to.

I am sad to have learned this about your opinion of my contributions to the community.


Avenging Archangel said...

Reid urging "civil manner(s)" is like Bill Clinton advocating marital fidelity.

Anonymous said...

Like you would know anything about civility Henry? What a joke you are.


Anonymous said...

Joke? Henry? Uh Reid, describing yourself/VBTA? Part of me misses the political fights back there but I won't miss Route 25 (I know about the 20% requirement for The Tide and hope it happens)

Anonymous said...

Reid: Lighten up... You can get bent out of shape if you so choose but frankly I don't know why you would. I've never considered us friends just two citizens who express our opinions on the issues. And don't take my comments personal as I treat everyone the same. That is the nature of the beast we call politics.

In the big picture: Life is too short to worry about other folks think...

So have a nice day and I'll see you on the next issue that appears before us down the road...