Friday, July 11, 2008

RAC July 10, 2008

On Thursday Virginia Beach's Resort Advisory Commission (RAC) met. The meeting lasted only forty minutes, one of the quickest in memory.

From the Plan/Design Review Committee (PDRC):

1. There's an ongoing attempt to clarify and simplify the outdoor cafe regulations in the Resort Area. This is paramount with the amount of new redevelopment expected west of Pacific Avenue.

2. The proposal to extend the Virginia Legends Walk has been dusted off and is being advanced. The portion between Atlantic Avenue and the Boardwalk would cover Virginia Beach and Princess Anne County figures.

From the Resort Investment Committee (RIC):

1. The RIC looked at parking within the context of the pending Resort Area Strategic Action Plan.

2. There will be a business analysis done of the proposals for a convention center headquarters hotel.

3. Light rail was discussed. Not only is it being looked at for being able to bring locals to the Resort Area, but the possibility of putting Resort Area satellite employee parking out along the rail line.

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