Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Delegate Tata's Light Rail Bill Passes The House 93-0

Delegate Bob Tata first had to substitute out on the bill, but it passed with flying colors. HB 6028, which would extend Norfolk's light rail Starter Line to Virginia Beach's Oceanfront, passed the House of Delegates 93-0. The substitute isn't on the LIS website yet, but should be soon

The last place the Flat Earther's could make a stand now is at the Senate Transportation Committee hearing. Just one problem: the Committee is Chaired by Senator Yvonne Miller of Norfolk. Think Yvonne would allow this one to die in her Committee? Can you say "It's going to be the law, VBTA!"?

Have a great night; I'm certainly going to.

UPDATE: the Substitute is now on LIS, and it's a much better bill! While leaving the option open for a PPTA, HB 6028 now reads that "the project may be advanced under any available development options."

My big question was how you would structure it financially as a PPTA. HRT Staff I spoke to were dismissive of being able to build light rail as a PPTA. Folks, celebrate!


thesh00ter said...

well it's good to know things are trying to be done on a city level. too bad nothing's gonna happen statewide : (

Michael Ragsdale said...

Yep: celebration time

* Operate Park & Ride lots with a fee paid to park
* Vending Machines (snacks/drinks) with a % collected by private firm
* Development Rights at/around station

Michael Ragsdale said...

Just one question: how will this affect the bus service booster? I assume the "Increase Bus Service in exchange for Federal Dollars" is still applying (no VB, you're not getting away with services done at 6:45 PM)

Avenging Archangel said...


First of all, under the Substitute, this may not be a PPTA, nullifying much of your first comment.

As long as Federal transit funds are used, the bus service requirement remains. Since HRT will be doing the Study in conjunction with DRPT, you bet it will happen.

Finally, The V-P's Warren Fiske obviously never read the Substitute before writing his article. Now the Study begins after 90 days, not a bidding process.