Wednesday, July 9, 2008

G-8 Agrees to 50% Cut By 2050

G-8 nations, meeting in Japan, agreed to a 50% cut in emissions by 2050. Unclear was whether that was from the 1990 benchmark (used for the Kyoto treaty) or the 2007 figures.

Even if it is the 2007 figures, it would mean a drastic reduction for the U.S. Why blog on this? It would have profound policy implications for the U.S. The most dramatic way for reduction is to go to an Europeanized transportation model, relying much more on mass transit and rail.

Here in Hampton Roads, that means a regional light rail network with a system of hybrid feeder buses. Should this become Federal policy, how would our Flat Earthers make such large reductions here otherwise?

While I'm not sold on the science of global warming, both Presidential candidates are. That means a greater U.S. commitment is likely in 2009.

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