Thursday, July 3, 2008

Glenn Davis' Website Is Up

Thanks to the ad on Bearing Drift, I now know that Glenn Davis' website is up

Pretty nice, but I've seen few "Issues" pages that said that little about the issues. Yes, we need to tackle economic development and transportation. However, the issue that soured me on Glenn in 2006 was affordable housing. What's he going to roll out there this time?

Then, Reba McClanan's Issues page would need only one word: "No".

Okay, William, tell us how Davis is Sessoms puppet-in-waiting. Even if that were the case (and the only thing pushing that so far are your comments), what happens if Davis wins and Sessoms loses?


Anonymous said...

They just launched it a little too early...there are a few pages that still need work.

I don't see him as a "tool of Sessoms" but rather someone who can replace Dr. No on the council.

Anonymous said...

It’s interesting that this blog is dead set against someone who has had an opposing view on some issues. Maybe Ms. McClannan, who has many years of experience, views council objectives from a different perspective; the populous view. Ms. McClannan who is from the civic league community (she is a past-President of the CCO) mostly supports a view empathizing the citizenry rather than developers, builders, real estate agents, bankers and those that leverage private sector risk with public funds.

As such, City Council may be well served by those who favor various views of the constituency rather than everyone a rubberstamp for the same causes. As such, since Ms McClannan has been a minority vote on these issues, one can’t see any change by having another proponent of development. If council already has more than the six required development yes votes, what does another yes vote accomplish?

On another light, this blog seems to be opposing all the white women currently on City Council. You got a problem with white women??


Avenging Archangel said...

The point is that we know what Reba McClanan is against; we don't know what she is for. Therefore, I'm leaning pro-Davis.

"Problem with white women"? Not only did I vote for Andrea Kilmer in 2002, but I've been happy with Barbara Henley's year and a half back on Council.

Unknown said...

Just so ya know, I'm not the "anonymous" B.K. in comment two.

Avenging Archangel said...


I knew that; just hope nobody made that mistake.

Anonymous said...

Henry: Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner but with the 4th, I’ve been out of the local loop working in Franklin and Suffolk.

Answer to your comments: It would be as simple as the Davis candidacy is nothing more than an orchestrated effort to place pro development folks on council and replace Mrs. McClanan. The “No” vote issue has been raised several times in the past two years and each time it hasn’t gained any traction with me or others. Truely it isn’t the basis upon which to run a campaign. Frankly it really has nothing to do with her voting record but more to do with her and Bill Desteph having the ability to make a motion and obtain a second on the motion so items can be discussed publicly. With some council members and the city staff, that discussion is not welcome. That is why Henry’s leaning Davis surprises me. I know you like to see public debate, alternative point discussion and views on items rather than a straight majority predetermine vote by city council. In the end majority wins the vote so debate is always a good thing in my eyes. Ironically I see the (Repub) Desteph teaming with the (Dem) McClanan as one interesting and positive items on this council when it comes to interaction.

As for Brian’s points, he has an employer to support so I understand where his loyalties and comments are coming from. I’m not poking you (Brian) but just trying to convey my thoughts to Henry and the other readers.

As for Davis winning and Sessoms losing, I don’t see that taking place. Rather I expect both will be defeated as neither has much of a positive record to run on or a platform from which to draw in voters. Seems to me the basis for their support is their connection with the VB Republican Party and even that isn’t looking too good for the coming election results.

Anonymous said...

When Councilwoman Reba McClanan votes "No" to wasteful spending of our tax funds or objects to the Vice Mayor Louis Jones’ endless scams disingenuously referred to as "economic development" or "Public-Private Partnerships", then Councilwoman Reba McClanan vote is to be applauded, not ridiculed.

Reba is “for” doing the right thing for the residents of Virginia Beach – even when powerful business interests will fund challengers to run against her.

Nothing against Glen Davis, but it is clear to me that Councilwoman Reba McClanan has earned the right to keep representing the citizens of our city. She is not a part of the problem; she is a part of the solution.

-Reid Greenmun

Avenging Archangel said...


I look for two basic things in a Council candidate:

1. Commitment to an urban services model.

2. Commitment to resident-friendly government.

I get part of the first from Davis, while I get neither from McClanan. Therefore, I lean Davis.

McClanan opposes a ward system, opposed the original move to institute Open Mic Night, has attacked the citizen input section of the Community Legislative Package, etc. While she has grassroots on her resume, she's doing nothing for public participation as a Councilperson.

On the urban services model, anyone want to pretend McClanan is good for votes?

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute my young friend. Your post has a major error in it.

History lesson: As the IAFF/VBCOPE public safety rep in 2003, I pushed and “negotiated” the current Open Mic Night" with city council. At the retreat in 2002, it did fail to pass as Bob Mandigo cast the sixth vote to deny the public an open and free voice with city council. However in 2003 with Diezel replacing Mandigo, I told Mrs. McClanan I had six council member votes to approve it if we didn’t put it on TV and asked her to bring it up for discussion with Lyle Summak(SP?) and the city council. She did so immediately and the six voters agreed to pass it and put it up for a one year trial. We all know it has passed the trial and is a fixture at the first council meeting of each month.

Your post is simply incorrect on this matter and the facts surrounding its creation. You can thank Reba McClanan for the “Open Mic Night” public forum. She didn’t oppose it and in fact was the leader in bringing it to reality. I know because I personally pushed it until it passed. I can give you the names of those council members or former members who can and will validate my comments should you want to verify my post.

Anonymous said...

Good post Mr. Bailey.

Henry, as to supporters of a "urban services" model, if you wanted to live in an urban city why didn't you move to one?


Avenging Archangel said...


At the 2002 Retreat (which we both attended), the Open Mic vote broke right down the line: all 5 freshmen in favor, all 6 holdovers (including McClanan) were opposed.

Also, S-u-m-e-k.


Virginia Beach has alrady begun to urbanize, a fact that even CACI acknowledges.

Humorous to see you act like Mike Barrett, wanting anyone who disagrees with you to move out of town.

Anonymous said...

Henry: You are correct about the 2002 retreat vote. The "Open Mic Night" wasn't clearly understood by the older council members and your vote breakdown is correct for 2002. However in 2003, Mrs. McClanan had clearly been briefed on the positives of "Open Mic" and lead the way to bring it to the citizens of Virginia Beach.

BTW: I don't personally have anything against Davis. I just don't like they way his folks are trying to eliminate Mrs. McClanan's voice on the council. She is good for and represents the hard working blue collar voters in this city. I'm supporting her because I personally believe the "little people" in VB need to be heard and she is the voice for those folks in our city.

And I wouldn't suggest anyone move just because they disagree with the way things are in VB.