Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Moss To Finish In Single Digits

88% of you said that Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA) Chairman John Moss will only poll in single digits in the November 4 Mayoral election. 48% said 1%-5%, 40% said 6%-9%, 4% said 10%-14%, while 7% believe he'll get 15%-20%. Personally, I voted 6%-9%. He has a committed core of supporters, but I don't see how he can break out on the Presidential ballot and with the field he is in.

The new poll addresses workforce housing. The Workforce Housing Program enacted by the Virginia Beach City Council so far has delivered zero new units. What more would you do to correct the problem? The choices in the poll:

1. Expand VBCDC - the Virginia Beach Community Development Corporation (VBCDC) is a city-held corporation that provides low-income housing (and a few other services).

2. Tax Abatements - give developers tax incentives to build units.

3. Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning - campaigned for by Empower Hampton Roads, it would require most larger developments to include lower-income units as a portion of units built.

4. Zoning in the Comprehensive Plan - with the Comprehensive Plan up for renewal, rezone in it to induce units being built.

5. Play Ostrich - a Virginia Tech study found Virginia Beach over 14,000 units short of what it needs, but some (including the VBTA) deny that there is a problem.

For the first time ever on this blog, the poll is enabled to allow you to vote for multiple choices. Therefore, it you believe more than one option is a piece of the puzzle, choose more than one.

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