Wednesday, July 9, 2008

71% Support HB 6028

71% voted in support of HB 6028, Delegate Bob Tata's light rail bill. 25% were opposed, while 4% thought it should be a city - not a state - project.

My post this morning inspired a simple poll question, "Do you believe in global warming?" Have at it!


Anonymous said...

71 % of a small handful of freeloaders want someone else to pay for their transit voted on a onscure blog. - Wow! That is so useful to know.

In a related story, the majority of Virignia Beach voters went to the ballot box (as I recall over 30,000 voted) and they rejected the Norfolk-to-Va Beach Light Rail project in 1999.

Meanwhile, 99% of the members of the VBTA polled voted to reject bringing Light rail into their city.

Wow! These facts really aren't 'equal' in their relevaence, now are they?


Avenging Archangel said...

I certainly wouldn't use "VBTA" and "relevant" in the same sentence.

Then, there was the vote that really counted: 127 of 128 General Assmebly members voted for HB 6028.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! The VBTA is far more relenant than this pitiful Blog.