Thursday, July 17, 2008

Region's Leaders To Get Serious About Mass Transit?

According to The Daily Press, that's Plan B now that the General Assembly has failed to enact a roads plan.,0,4977485.story

It's about time! Even if the General Assembly had enacted a plan to build the 7 major road projects, as Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance Transportation Chairman Reid Greenmun is fond of pointing out, none of the MPO package covers secondary roads.

The cost-effective solution is mass transit. Bus service for a city for a year could be funded for about the same price as one medium-sized street project.

I certainly stand ready to do my part in enhancing Hampton Roads' mass transit system.


Michael Ragsdale said...

Count me in on helping out. 10:45 trips out of TCC could be here sooner :)

thesh00ter said...

well i'm glad there's a plan b. i've always said they should just try to focus on mass transit or at least improving the bus routes.

Anonymous said...


Light Rail is not always cost effective.


thesh00ter said...

when is the mayor's and chairs meeting?