Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One Region Connected By Mass Transit

On Tuesday I took Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) to the Peninsula, having a few things to get done.

After boarding Route 114 at the Peninsula Town Center in Hampton, a man bounded forward to sit across the aisle from me. He recognized me from my workplace in Virginia Beach, and wanted to ask me some "shop" questions.

Later in the day I was at the Newport News Transportation Center (NNTC) waiting on the Route 967 to Greenbrier. A woman getting off the Route 103 saw me and asked, "You're not at Pembroke today?" No, running errands on the Peninsula.

Yes, I'm from Virginia Beach and was twice recognized like that on the Peninsula. Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA) Vice Chairman/Transportation Chairman Reid Greenmun has argued that we're at least three separate regions and that mass transit should be abolished. The above proves we are in fact one region and mass transit is bringing together people from throughout it. Just another case of Greenmun and the VBTA being dead wrong.

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