Thursday, March 18, 2010

Possible HRT Fare Increase Delayed

This morning the TDCHR's Operations and Oversight Committee (O & O) moved to delay a possible fare increase for riders of Hampton Roads Transit (HRT). Public Hearings had been scheduled for the April TDCHR meeting in Hampton and the May meeting in Norfolk, with a slated July 1 implementation date. At it's March meeting, the TDCHR would still have to rescind the previous schedule.

Some Commissioners have been uneasy over raising fares in such tough economic times on HRT's mostly poor ridership. However, the alternative is to cut service to those same people. The proposed new schedule would have Public Hearings at the July and August TDCHR meetings. In addition, there would be public meetings in the evening for those who can't attend the afternoon (normally at 1:30 P.M.) TDCHR meetings.

What does that mean for bus riders? As HRT's Budget for FY 2011 will have been passed prior to the meetings and Public Hearings, the extent service would have to be cut if fares are not hiked will be clear.

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