Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Visiting WAT

On Monday I made the trip to Williamsburg to check out Williamsburg Area Transport (WAT), their mass transit agency. I liked the small operation.

WAT passengers were happy campers. The only complaints I heard were from buses holding for late buses to lineups, then having time to makeup.

WAT offers an $1.50 Day Pass, which it doesn't advertise on it's website. The unusual part is you're not suppose to swipe it for subsequent boardings, but simply show the stamped side to the Operator.

The real fun was that the small agency has open radio. Riding WAT you hear radio chatter that's only a memory at Hampton Roads Transit (HRT).

Most of all, their Operators are very friendly, offering a level of customer service much higher than on HRT.

Finally, I liked their New Flyer buses better than HRT's Gilligs. A nicer interior plus I felt they ride more comfortably than anything in HRT's fleet.

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