Monday, March 15, 2010

They Don't Get It

The Beacon reported yesterday that the City of Virginia Beach has purchased a teleprompter at the cost of $10,500 for use by the Mayor, City Council, the School Board, et al. The rationale given is that it cost $1,799.18 to rent a teleprompter for the Mayor last year for one event.

Where do I start? Exactly what is the need for a teleprompter? God forbid that City officials in giving remarks have to shuffle notes citizens going to address them. Also, how does purchasing a teleprompter improve the quality of life for residents? (Please, I'd love to hear someone try to explain that one....) Local government is suppose to be about the well-being of the residents, not those sitting in high posts.

What happens when the teleprompter breaks down and needs maintenance? Oh, that's right: we'll then have the "need" for a backup teleprompter....


Beth Allen said...

Dear Avenging Archangel, I couldn't agree with you more. Why can't our mayor, a "son" of Virginia Beach, a former councilman and vice mayor who placed his career second so that he could return to public office, speak to the people, his constituents, for just a few minutes without the use of a hideous teleprompter?

Avenging Archangel said...


I don't agree that teleprompters are "hideous".

What I do believe is that the matter speaks volumes about the priorities and mentality at City Hall.