Monday, March 29, 2010

The Annual Drama Begins

In our poll on the Norfolk Mayor's race, 64% voted for Paul Fraim's reelection, 25% for Daun Hester, and 10% Other. I'd love to see Daun do well, if not win, for the political ramifications in Norfolk and elsewhere in the region. However, I've been on campaign committees of similar uphill fights before. The issue is that many people who would like to help you are afraid to, in CYA mode over a probable Fraim win.

That brings us to the new question: what should the tax rate in the next Virginia Beach Budget be? The current rate is 89 cents. The Virginian-Pravda has reported that the draft Budget will be released with a 92 cent rate. While that's a 3 cent rate increase, due to falling assessments, the average taxpayer would still pay less than in the previous year.

Virginia Beach Budget time is always great drama time, with the usual suspects giving us antics that make for better acting than with pro wrestling and most soap operas. Grab the snacks and take a seat as the fun begins.


Anonymous said...

Hey, who conducted this poll? I heard that some other one was conducted and Daun was within 10 pts...I think she will get alot more volunteers than you think. Probably not as many as we would hope for, but more than we initially expect

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 2:46,

It was the unscientific poll previously on my sidebar.

Happy to hear about the 10 point race. From my comments, you should note I'm pro-Hester.