Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Virginia Beach Mass Transit Open House

This evening at the convention center Virginia Beach held it's long-awaited Mass Transit Open House.

The bad news was the meeting itself. While it made a nice primer for the average citizen, it was mostly "off the shelf" stuff that anyone involved in transit already knew. Attendance was poor. Since it wasn't taped for VBTV, most will never see it.

The one new nugget: the state is programming the money for the Draft Environmental Impact Study (DEIS) for Virginia Beach light rail, and we should have news on it in November. The DEIS would take about two years to complete.

Those who attended were largely pro-transit, and the issue is on the front burner in Virginia Beach politics.


Anonymous said...

Exactly how would you know that those that attended were largely in support of light Rail in Virginia Beach? I was there and there wasn't any show of hands or polling of those in attendance.

Of course, since a whole lot of the people there were related to HRT, I could see how you might jump to that conclusion.

Avenging Archangel said...

I got feedback from those who were manning the tables.