Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Muddle On SPSA

41% favor staying in SPSA only if it is reformed. 33% favor withdraw, while 25% want to stay.

The new poll question is on what has become known as "The Little Dig". The Pembroke area transportation plan proposes sinking Independence Boulevard from just north of Bonney Road to just north of Pembroke Mall. That would relieve the notorious Virginia Beach Boulevard/Independence Boulevard intersection, provide green space in the Central Business District, and allow light rail to run at-grade over the tunneled Independence Boulevard.

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thesh00ter said...

lol, u know i find it amazing that the Hampton City gov does the EXACT opposite of what cities like VB and Norfolk are doing as far roads go. in this case VB. instead of improving to make way for future mass transit or to relieve heavy traffic, they create gridlocks and bottle necks. Ahh i tell u, Hampton will always be losers