Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Terrie Suit To Leave General Assembly

Delegate Terrie Suit has announced her intention to resign from the Virginia House of Delegates. In turn, she will become a lobbyist. The Virginian-Pravda's coverage

Kicking her on the way out the door is Virginia News Source VNS repeats their 2003 firing range story. Having had a chance to talk to Terrie the final weekend of the 2003 campaign, I can tell you there was no firing range.

At least that beats the hypocritical opportunism of Reid Greenmun. On two sites (Bearing Drift and he's left departing comments on Terrie Suit. Of course, Greenmun was part of a 2007 write-in slate that ran a candidate (Jack King) against Suit.

Finally, over at VB Dems they smell the shot at picking up a House seat. The 81st? Only if the Republicans implode.

Okay, what is the fallout and implications of Suit leaving the House?

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