Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Newport News' Library Internet Computers

Today found me over in Newport News. Having just received a Newport News library card last week, I wanted to use it for the first time. I went to the Pearl Bailey Branch Library, where I read a few periodicals and used a computer for the Internet.

Let me start by pointing out to anyone who doesn't know, under Virginia law a resident of one locality is entitled to a reciprocal library card in any other locality. I carry four: Chesapeake, Norfolk, (now) Newport News, and (of course) Virginia Beach.

Back to Pearl Bailey, computer signup was the worst in any of those four localities. There were signup sheets in two separate locations. (Which gets priority?) They call you when a unit is available, but you virtually have to be on top of the computer room to hear them.

If that wasn't bad enough, try logging on for the first time. Your PIN number is your password, but it's formatted differently online than on your library card application. I had to try three different variants before I could surf.

Once online, it was fun. Newport News has the second-best equipped computers of the four (Norfolk is best), and a generous use policy.

Since it's a library, let me close on the book collection. Being a small branch, not much for books and periodicals. However, a great children's collection.

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thesh00ter said...

come to Hampton. All u need is your ID to use the PC's. the main branch is probably the best to go to for more available computers. that's one good thing we have around here at least.