Friday, September 26, 2008

Good Job, George

Yesterday I took the 5:08 P.M. Route 25 out of Military Circle, going down Princess Anne Road. Driving was George, a legendary character with Hampton Roads Transit (HRT).

For those who either don't ride the bus or aren't familiar, George isn't playing with a full deck. I've heard other passengers call him "The Psycho Driver". He's drives the year-round routes served by Virginia Beach's trolley base. Given his state, he regularly engages in antics that one mainline driver from 18th Street (Southside mainline base) said would have got him fired there long ago.

Well, I'm happy to report that George got everything right on my trip yesterday. Even when we got caught up in traffic at the intersection with Witchduck and Kempsville Roads (aka John Moss' Folly), George checked with passengers for needed transfers at TCC and called the Dispatcher to get the exact buses held. Nice going!

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