Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Doing The Rush Hour Triangle With Scott Taylor

This afternoon I had the opportunity and pleasure to take Virginia Beach Mayoral candidate Scott Taylor out on the buses. We did a triangle of Routes 36, 25, and 20.

Scott talked to the passengers, learning their issues, both transit and non-transit. He had gone with HR Transit Ideas' Michael Ragsdale yesterday, and today's feedback only reinforced what he heard on Labor Day. There is a need for evening service, Sunday service, and more frequencies on Virginia Beach's outlying bus routes.

It was interesting to learn that Scott can hablos Espanol, as he translated bus information for a passenger. With Virginia Beach now over 6% Hispanic, that's a good advantage.

One passenger on Route 36 said, "You'd never catch Meyera on a bus." Taylor got her vote.

Of concern is that one Mayoral candidate's spouse has been going around town questioning Scott Taylor's SEAL credentials. Memo to culprit: if you want to play nasty, Scott can produce a group of Admirals at a news conference. (You don't want to go there, do you?)

In addition, Taylor got a number of commitments to volunteer to work on his campaign.

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