Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Most Intriguing Question Of The Council Campaign So Far

Why has Glenn Davis raised only $22,600? Given the interests that would love to knock Reba McClanan's regular "No" vote off the Virginia Beach City Council, Davis should have taken in six times that. (Has Will Sessoms sucked all the money out of the system?)

Anyone know who Glenn's Finance Chairman is? Is he competent?


Anonymous said...

Interesting question. Maybe there is no confidence in his ability to beat her given her grass roots popularity.

I saw both of them on Joel Rubin's show and thought he did better than she did.

Anonymous said...

I attended a lunch where he spoke. He is light years ahead of his opponent. If Reba had her way, VB would have had zero progress since she was put on Council. she votes NO to almost everything. It is time for a change!