Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mayoral Phone Poll

Just got a call from a group named "Issues and Answers" that is doing a phone poll on Virginia Beach's Mayoral race.

I was asked what I thought of each Mayoral candidate, what I thought the top issue was (from a group that included economic development, traffic, and Property Taxes), my preference in the Presidential race, how would a candidate's age affect my vote, etc.

I asked, but the caller didn't know who she was calling for. It sounded like a Sessoms poll, asking for him first, where I had heard about him from, etc.


Anonymous said...

Issues and Answers is almost certainly a Sessoms poll. If you ever saw their client list, you would figure it out pretty quickly.

Avenging Archangel said...

That's nice: I did wonders towards tanking Sessoms' numbers in his own poll.

Anonymous said...

probably didn't matter...his campaign is in the same shape as his tattered Hanna-blown signs.

Anonymous said...

Great Sessoms ad in the Beacon today. I had no idea he was running for school board!