Friday, June 27, 2008

TKJ Watch Center

I've needed a new band and battery for my watch. With this morning being payday, I stopped at TKJ Watch Center in Pembroke Mall to get both.

It's a small business: one guy operating a kiosk on the Mall's main concourse. However, he sells watches, bands, batteries, etc. I went to him and explained what I needed. He took my watch, looked at it, and replied, "Come back in 10 minutes". (That's the funny part: how was I supposed to know 10 minutes when he had my watch?)

He got in done in under 10 minutes and was nice to me. Therefore, I want to give him a free plug on my blog.


Michael Ragsdale said...

And how's mall management treating him (considering all the horror stories you tell about the mismanagement that's happening there)? My current watch band is a bit tight.

Anonymous said...

Sami Alofer ruined my expensive watch. I am planning to sue him for the damages. He Damaged the case and metal band when I went for a replacement rubber band. My steel band was in good shape it was too small for my wrist. He cut it to remove it. Very inexperienced.