Monday, June 23, 2008

The Best Improvement At Cedar Grove Yet

Having the day off, I went into downtown Norfolk to catch the 12:10 matinee showing of The Love Guru. Mal Vincent panned it, but I thought it was enjoyable if you could get past the tasteless genital humor.

That meant transferring buses at the Cedar Grove Transfer Center. There was a pleasant surprise: there's now a hot dog cart operating at Cedar Grove. Across from where the buses pull in, you have to go across the bus lane and a jersey barrier to get to it. It was doing a slow but steady business today, including one bus driver that I saw.

With the heat last week, a couple mercenaries were out selling drinks for $2 each. When riders protested the prices, they were told they were "paying for the convenience." Now we have a professional operator in.

Now if the City of Norfolk would only put portajohns at CGTC, the place might be a nice visit.

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