Thursday, June 5, 2008

RAC June 5, 2008

This afternoon Virginia Beach's Resort Advisory Commission (RAC) met for it's monthly meeting.

Commissioners were given a Briefing on the Old Beach Framers Market, now operating in a parking lot of Croc's restaurant on Saturday mornings.

There was an overview of the Tourism Growth Investment Fund (TGIF). The good news is that within a couple years, debt being retired will give the TGIF the capacity to service new projects.

The Planning Department's Stephen White covered the Resort Area Strategic Action Plan (SAP), as some Commissioners were unable to attend Monday's Charrette. Commissioners were asked to suggest, via e-mail, possible tweaks to the SAP. Planning/Design Review Committee Chairman emphasized the implementation actions, so this doesn't become another dusty doorstop. The RAC unanimously endorsed asking for a City position specifically for someone to work on implementation.

The Oceanfront Enhancement Committee (OEC) reported on behavioral problems impacting the neighborhoods around 16th Street. As colorful as some of the behavior is, more entertaining may be the solutions being drafted to deal with it.

Back to the SAP, it is now slated to go to the Planning Commission in August, and probably not to City Council until after the November election.

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