Sunday, June 15, 2008

MAX Launch Tomorrow

Tomorrow (Monday, June 16) is launch day for Hampton Roads Transit's (HRT) Metro Area eXpress (MAX), a new premium express bus service. There will be an official ceremony/photo op at the Silverleaf Park-and-Ride at 5 A.M.

With the new service, the major transfer centers along the routes will be staffed Monday-Friday by a mix of HRT Staff and volunteers.

HR Transit Ideas' Micheal Ragsdale plans to be at Silverleaf each morning.

I've been slated to go to the Wards Corner Direct Transfer Center. I plan to arrive around 8 A.M. after an inaugural MAX ride in from the Oceanfront. I've offered to stay all day so that I can help rush hour riders coming home.

The funny part is that the person sending me to Wards Corner will be working at Cedar Grove. (Don't want to work with me, Tamara?) Actually, I prefer working Wards Corner to Cedar Grove.

If you have trouble navigating the route network tomorrow (or any other day), call 222-6100. I expect the phone to be ringing off the hook the next couple days. For more information on the MAX, visit

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Michael Ragsdale said...

and my alarm is set for 3 am so I can bike it to Silverleaf in time (first 36 doesn't leave TCC until 5:45 and gets to P East at 6:22)