Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Official: The VBTA Hates The Poor

Most of us had already figured this out, but we now have their own online comments to back it up: the Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA) hates the poor.

Yesterday evening VBTA Transportation Chairman Reid Greenmun commented on The Virginian-Pravda's article on Norfolk's planned redevelopment of St. Paul's Quadrant. He calls poster "coolguy81" "CoolCommie". Coolguy's offense: simply wondering if the region's working poor were going to be able to afford the types of housing we're building. In Reid's World, empathy for the poor is "communism."

Then there was VBTA Vice Chair John McMullen on The Daily Press' website,0,4278549.story McMullen throws a tirade against the poor in the comments section of this anti-mass transit editorial.

Finally, there was VBTA Director Bob O'Connor just over a month ago on Virginia News Source ("Bob O'Connor Attacks The Poor And Disabled", May 1).

A candidate facing a VBTA-backed opponent who doesn't work the lower-income neighborhoods isn't thinking.


Anonymous said...

Poor Henry - you are such a bold faced liar.

How does your nose ever fit on the HRT buses you like to hang out on?


Avenging Archangel said...

I linked up the comments so anyone can read them.

Liar? Yeah, Reid was exposed as one in another thread last night.

Anonymous said...

Henry ... do you really believe you can simply lie all you want?

Your very sad, really.

Take this false topic. I pointed out that a person on Pilot online advacates Communist/Socialist practices and you assert the entire VBTA hates the poor.

Face it - that is a bold face lie - you know that, yet you lie anyway.


Avenging Archangel said...


Anyone can read the posts; they're linked up. I did that precisely so that if anyone thought my characterization was off, they could read them themselves.

No, the VBTA makes extremist pronouncement after pronouncement and thinks they won't get called on it.

Finally, it wasn't just your statement, but statements by two other VBTA Board members. As the saying goes, "Three's a trend."

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen, ENOUGH!! BOTH OF YOU!!

Anonymous said...


You're both acting like preschoolers.