Thursday, June 26, 2008

Light Rail Presentation To Ocean View Task Force

Thursday morning the Ocean View Task Force met at the Pretlow Library. The Wards Corner Task Force was also in attendance for a Light Rail Presentation by Councilman Randy Wright. Councilman Barclay Winn was also in attendance.

The highlight of the meeting was the Presentation. Wright covered the Starter Line, and touched some on possible extensions. Wright stated, "We want to go to Old Dominion University...we want to go to the Naval base." As that dovetails with the Virginia Beach position that such an extension is wanted before the Beach gets in, can we work together on a Dome site - Naval base line? This is to be the beginning of a "future visioning" process that considers what a Hampton Roads regional light rail network would look like. At some point in the future, Wright would like to see a Hampton Boulevard to Ocean View via Wards Corner line.

For a Virginia Beach resident in attendance, Norfolk handled a couple matters in a refreshing manner:

1. A businessman wanting to remodel a closed nightclub as a 1950s diner was sent to get the affected civic league's okay before the City of Norfolk would take up the proposal.

2. Wanting to form a committee to cover sand replenishment in Ocean View along the Chesapeake Bay, the City of Norfolk simply named the Presidents of each civic league along the water to form the overwhelming majority of the committee.

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