Sunday, June 19, 2011

TEA Party: Plus Or Minus?

In our latest poll question, one-third regularly go to regional board meetings, while two-thirds have never been. That may tell me more about my readership that it does about the general public.

The new question: is the TEA Party a plus or minus for the Republican Party?


Anonymous said...

This one is too easy. The Tea Partiers, at least locally, have been co-opted by the VBTA. As a result, they can never be effective.

Anonymous said...

The best example of an effective Tea Party group around here is the Norfolk Tea Party 2.

Rather than charge cluelessly into an issue based on rhetoric and sound bites (like the VBTA), they examine the issues, take a position and effectively articulate that position without acting like childish buffoons.

Max Shapiro said...

Norfolk Tea Party 2 has nothing to do with and pre-dates the current Tea Party movement. I definitely agree on your points about them though.

I wouldn't say the Hampton Roads Tea Party has been co-opted by the VBTA, more like the Local GOP. Their leaders have grown power hungry and have resorted to backing anyone who has money and can spew the right talking points.

Case in point is Ben Loyola, who they recently endorsed. He's got a history of less than ethical conduct and does not even live in the district he is running in.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. Moss and Dean, two of the most rabid VBTA leaders are always out in front with the Tea Party.

In the last council election, The Tea Party endorsed VBTA-ers Moss (he lost) and Hedrick (she lost).

The best thing the Tea Party can do is to get some strong leaders who will put the VBTA people in their place on the sidelines. Unfortunately, the group is run by a pyramid-scheme marketer who is led around by the VBTA.

Otherwise what could, and probably should, be a positive political movement will be forever lost in Virginia Beach.