Thursday, June 2, 2011

As For The Threat

After last night's CCO meeting (next post), I was threatened by a well-known Virginia Beach personality. If I continued to make the one point online, I would need to "watch my back", and was told "I will destroy you."

Very short-sighted. Are you oblivious to the fact that many people in this town would love to destroy you, and that to strike against me would give them the legal pretext to come down on you like the proverbial ton of bricks? You'd be lighting their Reichstag fire, giving them the window to do what they've long dreamed of doing to you. (Didn't bother to think that one through, did you?)

You may get me, but you'd be destroyed in the wake of it.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm missing something, what "one point" are you not supposed to make online.

Avenging Archangel said...

The point is moot for now.

I simply wanted the threatener to know any attempt to strike against me would backfire.

Anonymous said...

OK, my guess is Dean. He is the biggest hothead in your fan club.

Anonymous said...

If you read your own comments about the VBTA over the last few years you will see how you have brought this on yourself.

They have gotten more and more malicious, even though, you stated from time to time that it is all in fun.
The general populace of VB would definitely agree with you that the VBTA is pretty much an annoyance that can be tolerated. However, I do not believe they share in your rather disturbing malice towards them which is consistently demonstrated in your writings about them..

Good Luck.

Look forward to peace and compromise and not revenge