Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Pool Idea

We're being hit with the story about the City of Virginia Beach looking to giveaway $3.1 million in land to the YMCA to build a complex, including a 50 meter competition pool, at Dam Neck and Landstown Roads. I had a brainstorm this morning while getting ready for work, and wanted to throw it out as food for thought.

Some facts here. One, supporters claim a need for a 50 meter competition pool in order to put Virginia Beach on the map for swim events. Two, opponents have serious problems with a land giveaway to a private club. Three, the only Council district in Virginia Beach lacking a city recreation center is Centerville District. Four, in 2004 Bob Dyer raised the issue of the lack of a Centerville recreation center during his winning campaign.

See where I'm going here? Why not build such a pool, but as part of a public City of Virginia Beach recreation center in Centerville District? Supporters get their pool, opponents don't have our public assets being given away to a private club, and Centerville gets it's rec center.

While I'm at it, I'd like to suggest a location along Indian River Road west of Interstate 64. That would put it on a major thoroughfare, and it would be served by public transportation (HRT Route 12). With the amount of tacky commercial along that stretch of road, we can take the land by eminent domain and build something that looks much better.


Anonymous said...

Then run the 12 at night!! Sundays too.

Wally Erb said...

Hmm. Brings to mind which proposed LRT station would be the closest. For that matter which Virginia Beach swimming pools will be serviced LRT station nearby?