Saturday, June 11, 2011

Two In The Pipe

The last two editions of The Virginian-Pravda have brought us news of looming proposals by the City of Virginia Beach.


Yesterday's edition told us it is being considered to allow an encampment for the homeless. The City should approve such.

The City of Virginia Beach owns plenty of parcels of land. Find one near a bus route, preferably buffered by commercial. (Adjacent residential neighborhoods would object.) Install a water source, if cost-effective.

Our city always has a shortage of bunks for the homeless. (I Wish I Didn't Have This Post To Make, 10/26/09). Giving them a safe space for tents could be a huge help. In addition, it would put those homeless at a single identifiable point for any services to be delivered to them.


Only in Virginia Beach: our City is considering giving away $3.1 million in land so the YMCA can build a private pool for their members. What sick puppy thought of this one?

As the line goes, YMCA stands for Young Men Can't Afford. You want to give away our land for a pool that many of our residents will never be able to use?!? Shame on any Councilman who actually votes for such.

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