Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Offer Again in 2011

I'll repeat an offer I made in 2008: any candidates in this year's Virginia Beach City Council special election (to fill the seat being vacated by Rita Sweet Bellitto) who would like to go bus riding, I'll be your tour guide and take you out to see what actually goes on out on Hampton Roads Transit's (HRT) buses. I guarantee you that you won't see any of the extremist VBTA's fictitious "empty buses". (In fact, the one I came home on yesterday afternoon, I had to squeeze into a small seat in the rear.)

Scott Taylor took up my offer in 2008. Will anyone in 2011?

If interested, let me know. As I'm scheduled to be placed on layoff from my current job on July 4 (the business location is closing), I'll probably have plenty of free time mid-Summer.


Anonymous said...

with the only announced candidate being the anti-transit John Moss, I sincerely doubt he will take you up on the offer.

But I can guarantee he will do all in his power to cut funding for transit!

Anonymous said...

Virginia Route 190 @ Virginia Route 165 anyone??

Thanks John Moss for the long delay!!

Methinks transit user / advocate Henry Ryto should run for a seat. (I can see the VBTA screaming now since they seem to hate him so much!!) First order of business if he was elected: night & Sunday buses anyone?

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 9:51,

Moss' own VBTA frontbench would kill him if he set foot on a HRT bus.

Anon 11:13,

No, I will not be a candidate. Medical problems would inhibit my ability to serve. (I'll be 47 in August, and have an illness that gives me a life expectancy of 52.)

Bus service would be the second issue. Top priority would be electoral reform.