Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Draft Rosemont SGA Plan Rollout

On Tuesday evening there was a meeting at Windsor Woods Elementary School to unveil the draft Rosemont Strategic Growth Area (SGA) plan to the public. The meeting was fairly-well attended.

Paul Ostergard of Urban Design Associates gave a nearly hour long presentation on the plan. Rosemont is envisioned as an urban residential village, with the plan envisioning 1,776 multi-family units, 756 single family units, and 549 units in mixed-use structures. There were a pair of extensions added to the study: south on Rosemont Road to South Plaza Trail, and westward on Bonney Road. When a traffic model was run on the SGA at buildout, it flowed better than it does there today.

After the presentation, residents broke out to three tables for comments and questions: streets, parks & open space, and land use.

The plan is on the City's website.

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