Wednesday, July 6, 2011

91% Consider The TEA Party A Minus

In our latest poll, 91% considered the TEA Party to be a minus for the Republican Party. Only 9% consider it a plus.

Personally, I believe the TEA Party is mangling the GOP. Republican candidates are lurching right to appease the tea baggers, and losing swing voters and donors in the process. In most cases, catering to the TEA Party costs more votes than it gains.

The new poll: which Virginia Beach City Councilperson speaks with less substance, Bill DeSteph or Rosemary Wilson?


Anonymous said...

Tough call...

DeSteph seems addled and confused part of the time and other times he is clearly reading the VBTA script. So I guess when he is being coached, he speaks with substance, even if that substance sticks to the bottom of your shoe.

Anonymous said...

Most substance = Vice Mayor Jones

Paul Wes said...

Hmm, tough call here

The vbta puppet (DeSteph) is my pick after thinking about it.