Thursday, August 5, 2010

RAC August 5, 2010

Virginia Beach's Resort Advisory Commission (RAC) held it's August meeting this afternoon. There was some good news.

The meeting began with Presentations by Bobby Melatti on new family-friendly entertainment offerings, plus some of the problems being encountered with street preachers in the Resort Area. The street preachers have been known to interrupt official entertainment offerings and heckle diners, among other things. Legal enforcement, where permissible, will be tightened. Two things from Melatti's Presentations:

1. Beach Street's website is at There you can register for their newsletter that covers entertainment throughout Virginia Beach.

2. The street preachers don't like being taped. Therefore, if you have a cell phone with video capability, you might want to tape them to scare them off. (Even if you don't have video, you may want to bluff them down.)

This Tuesday the proposal to install overage parking meters to collect donations for the homeless goes to City Council. In a rarity, it will go to Informal (Council Briefing) and Formal (a vote?) on the same day.

The Rudee Walk project will probably get underway in early 2011.

On August 2 was the first garbage audit of our beach trash. About 50% was recyclable.

Finally, Council Liaison John Uhrin missed the meeting because he was at a meeting with Michael Jenkins, where reportedly the final pieces of the financing for Dome site redevelopment were being put together. (That's definitely an excused absence, John.)

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