Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Golden Campaign Has Found My Blog

The poll on the 2nd District Congressional race drew this blog's largest total of (117) votes ever. Kenny Golden got 46% of the vote, Scott Rigell 43%, and Glenn Nye 11%. At one time or another, each candidate had the lead. (Yes, Nye flew out of the gate.) Let's face it: Golden will be lucky to get half that 46% in November.

The new poll is on Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA) Vice Chairman/Chairman Of No Transportation Reid Greenmun. When he's declared legally insane, which conspiracy will he blame it on? He's well-known for outrageous statements, among them claiming Virginia Beach light rail would need 2,000 feeder buses (VBTA: Light Rail In Virginia Beach Would Require 2,000 Feeder Buses, 4/19/08) and that City Council could reduce the Budget by $530 million by fiat (VBTA Vice Chairman Calls For Cutting Budget By $530 Million, 10/8/09).

The latest was Reid backing a 52 cent Property Tax rate for Virginia Beach. It's in the same VNS blog discussion as Wally Erb's Freudian slip on light rail (Clowndidate Watch 2010, 1st Edition, 8/13/10). When called on the crazy idea, Greenmun actually defended it. This might not be playing nice, but people need to start calling VBTAers (especially their leadership) on their outrageous statements.

Let me point out the idea is so beyond the pale that none of their Council candidates are running on it. 52 cents would mean a 37 cent (39%) reduction in the rate, requiring $188.13 million in Budget cuts to offset. That's nearly four times the net cut John Moss ran for Mayor on in 2008. At least it's saner than $530 million.

The four conspiracies have all been pushed by Reid, among Greenmun's other conspiracy theories. The poll closes on my birthday, so your vote is your birthday gift to me.


Anonymous said...

I only know Reid by his online rants so I have no basis for comparison.

I think the at-large race is going to be the most fun and would like to see you poll that.

For example, does Wally's $50,000 loan buy him any votes? Will Desteph put $200,000 of his own money in the race? Will Redmond surge and take out one of the incumbents? Will Andrew Jackson actually run a campaign?

Could be fun!

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 12:48,

I've thought about polling the At-Large race.

The hitch is the Blogger poll program. It's a two vote race, but Blogger will give you only one vote or unlimited. I can't set it for two votes.

As for Andrew Jackson, he has an illness in the family. (I shouldn't go into it.) That's why you haven't seen him as much as you might have expected.

Anonymous said...

Ok, then poll "who is your #1 choice" and everyone can single-shot and we can analyze the results!

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 3:41,

Given that no new ideas came out of tonight's Community Legislative Package meeting, that will be my default. Something more timely might come up.