Friday, August 13, 2010

Clowndidate Watch 2010, 1st Edition

Wally (1,083 Signatures) Erb made this comment on his own blog Monday:

"Sorry to disappoint you, I stand on my own two feet and I am not in league with any other candidate or non-partisan organization. Further, I am not seeking endorsements from any special interest organization or elected official other than that of the Libertarian Party of which I am a member...

Most importantly, I am the only candidate in the 2010 Virginia Beach city council election that solemnly promises to advocate for and, abide with, a referendum for Light Rail in Virginia Beach. Further, in a leadership roll, I will defend Virginia Beach's genre to remain a suburban, vacation, and farming community rather than succumbing to urbanization and gentrification."

Oooo, where do I start?

1. You want to elect someone to City Council who can't get "roll" (which Wally uses) and "role" (correct) right?

2. Even as he tries to distance himself from the extremist Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA), which few people will buy, he admits Tidewater Libertarian Party (TLP) membership. The two are largely one group of people under two different shells.

3. Wally was a Republican who became a Libertarian, who pretended to be a Republican again. So he's back to being a Libertarian? Anyone want to commit to a candidate so prone to flip-flops?

4. Nice that Wally lets slip that he actually opposes light rail, rather than trying to pretend that he simply wants a referendum on it.

5. So Bill DeSteph and John Moss would still vote "No" on light rail even if we voted "Yes" in a referendum? Thanks for letting that one slip, Wally.

6. Uh...what elected official would endorse Wally for City Council?


Anonymous said...

I know the perfect person for candidate (I believe he's a Va Beach resident - I see him on the 20 all the time): Henry Ryto. Anyone that heavily into politics who cares about the common bus rider needs to run

Avenging Archangel said...

No, Henry has health issues that would preclude him from running.

thesh00ter said...

Farming community?

Avenging Archangel said...


Agriculture is Virginia Beach's 3rd largest industry (after the military and tourism).