Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No One Rides The Bus?

Yes, they do - even here in Virginia Beach. This was on the Inbound Route 20 this afternoon, just after we left the stop beside Haynes Furniture (about 3:45 P.M.). The bus was SRO, with me stuffed back in the rear left corner.

A couple things here of note. First, the afternoon rush hour Cutback buses on Routes 15 and 20 start at 3 P.M. in Norfolk, but there are no Cutback 20s in Virginia Beach until 4 P.M. (That's on my Third Shelf if Virginia Beach had more bus service hours to work with.) Second, were Virginia Beach light rail in place, I could have taken the train around this. It would have been the train to the Military Highway Station, then the Route 23 bus to Walmart.

Sorry for the picture being a bit blurry, but it looked better on my smartphone.


Anonymous said...

This is for the Anon poster who thinks one picture isn't enough:

Anonymous Coward said...

I see Henry was riding a 1995 POS

Avenging Archangel said...

Stuck in the back corner at that.