Friday, March 20, 2009

They're Laughing At Us In Seattle

Yesterday the Seattle Transit Blog ran a story Taking the Sounder To The Sounders FC. The Sounder is their commuter rail service; Sounders FC is their new Major League Soccer team. (If only we had major league sports in Hampton Roads....) The story is at

Scroll down to the comment by Jessica at 21:03:45. Yes, she attacks bus Route 36 here in Virginia Beach. Furthermore, she's right. Virginia Beach is Virginia's largest city, and our bus service is joked about even in the Pacific Northwest.

The worst part: the 36 is one of our better routes. Ouch!


Anonymous said...

I see you mentioned me. My mother and my four brothers and one sister live near Holland Rd & Windsor Oaks Blvd (I visit them every Summer so I'm very familiar with your piss poor bus service).

VB really needs to get with the program and fast. I compare your #36 (where my family lives) with King County Metro #230 (where I live) when I made my comparison

Yes I read your blog all the time, and no I'm not Jessica Blaine (so that there's no confusion)

thesh00ter said...

well if WA laughs at our bus service they probably vomit at the politics (VBTA/TLP and other transit opposing figures)

Anonymous said...

Yes we do (especially the likes of Reid's The Laughingstock Party)

Avenging Archangel said...


One important difference: out there they have a dedicated portion of the Sales Tax going to mass transit.

Here, no dedicated funding source - yet. :)

thesh00ter said...

^^i hope so too

one thing i always want to mention (even though it's obvious) that if at least NoVa, Richmond metro, and HR fully implement mass transit, i think it would be a truly diverse, advanced infrastructure, especially if HSR is added to it. add in NC and it would be beyond. i would love to commute to Raleigh to be an technician. i wouldn't mind working in Richmond or NoVa either