Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Selective Indignation By The VBTA

It's always fun to call the Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA) to task. I think all the readers of this blog are familiar with their tantrums over Mayor Will Sessoms' position on a light rail referendum. "You promised a referendum...he's a liar...."

Notice the deafening silence from the VBTA over another Sessoms campaign promise that the Mayor has yet to act on: mandatory Inclusionary Zoning. During his Mayoral campaign, a number of times Sessoms stated we needed to mandate an affordable dwelling component in every new development. If the VBTA wants to attack the Mayor's honesty, why aren't they out pushing for a mandatory IZ program? Hehe...the VBTA (along with now-defunct CACI) was one of only two groups in Virginia Beach to oppose enacting the City's Workforce Housing Program...which has yet to see an unit built.

So the VBTA wants to hold Sessoms on his light rail referendum pledge, but is happy to let him slide on mandatory IZ? Yeah, the VBTA has a much bigger credibility problem than the Mayor.

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