Friday, March 6, 2009

RAC March 5, 2009

Yesterday afternoon Virginia Beach's Resort Advisory Commission (RAC) held it's March meeting.

It began with a Presentation by Mac Rawls from the Historical Preservation Committee. He covered preservation efforts in Virginia Beach, claiming the largest concentration of historic buildings is in the Resort Area. Rawls cited the efforts to save the Roland Courts Theater on 17th Street (ongoing) and the 24th Street Post Office (probably lost). Being just one generation removed from Finland, I couldn't help but think Europeans would laugh at some of what Virginia Beach is trying to designate as "historic buildings".

John Uhrin, Councilman and RAC Liaison, announced that we'll probably have three privately-operated bus tours from the Resort Area this Summer. Details should be firm by the April RAC meeting.

The sustainable Green initiative for the Resort Area has been dubbed the Green Resort Ecofriendly Efficient Neighbors (GREEN) Committee. It will meet at Croc's at 10:30 A.M. That started jokes about whether Bloody Mary's would be served.

The Communications Committee reported on the Gift of Tourism Campaign.

Staff is wrapping up the details with IMG on the Resort Area entertainment contract and event schedule.

Three Resort Area Ordinances are scheduled for City Council action on March 24. First, to amend the sidewalk cafe guidelines. Second, to remove the sunset clause from the Newsracks Ordinance. Third, to extend the horse riding on the beach franchise to Memorial Day.

Finally, it is hoped to arrange a RAC field trip to the Military Aviation Museum "down in the county". The April RAC meeting might be held there.


Anonymous said...

Gift of Tourism? To be honest, as a local, I don't feel welcome at the Oceanfront. Are there any plans to make locals welcome?

Avenging Archangel said...

The RAC Communications Committee is working on possible packages for residents.

At the Ocaeanfront, the Virginia Beach Restaurant Association is well-aware that they need locals for their businesses to survive year-round.